Covid Response

Please note that Lochaber Hall is not operating a usual programme of classes and events at the moment. Due to social distancing regulations and the banning of many indoor activities all classes were suspended at the end of March 2020. Throughout April, May & June, along with Manor House, we handed the halls over to NHS Midwife groups to allow them to maintain the front line services that they could no longer operate at doctor’s surgeries and healthcare centres. This enabled those with new families and expanding families and those who were expecting, to access midwife services at a time when anxiety levels were particularly high and usual support groups and even family groups were not available. We are very proud of being able to help the NHS at this time of need and glad to support our community.

As things slowly return to normal, midwives will gradually be withdrawing and normal functions returning. Please keep in contact with your group’s administrators to find our their plans and ask them any questions you might have around preparations they have made to stop the spread of Covid-19. We have provided more cleaning equipment for them to use, we have increased the number of times each week that the halls will be cleaned, and we have installed pumps containing hand sanitiser at the entrances of both halls. If you are experiencing symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone who has experienced symptoms within the last 14 days then please stay home and contact the NHS for the latest advice. Do not attend any events at Lochaber Hall or elsewhere if you have had recent signs of Covid-19.