Eos Dance

Ballet, street dance, contemporary and tap, from toddler to dancer!

@EosDance classes offer children the chance of expressing their personality through dance and movement. We firmly believe enjoyment to be a prerequisite to move to any further stage.

Children showing talent, desire and dedication will be subsequently encouraged and guided to pursue a professional career through auditions with the most prestigious vocational schools of the country, including the Royal Ballet School.

Tuesdays (ballet)
3:30-4pm – Big & Small (2yo upwards)
4-4:30pm – Tiny Dancers (pre-school)
4:30-5:10pm – Rising Stars (reception and Y1)

Fridays (street dance and ballet)
3:50-4:30pm – Mini Street (reception and Y1)
4:30-5:10pm – Junior Street (Y2-6)

5:10-5:50pm – Mini Ballerini (Y2-4)

For more information, please visit
Email: ari@eosdance.co.uk