The Hall
How much is party hire?
Hire costs £180 for the full time between 1pm & 6pm, and there is a £50 deposit fee, making the total amount payable £230. The five hours from 1pm to 6pm includes time to set up and clear down your party. Unfortunately, due to other commitments at the hall, hirers can not have access before 1pm and must vacate the hall by 6pm. You do not need to use the hall until 6pm, if you wish to finish at 5pm or earlier that is fine, but the price remains the same. The £50 you pay as a deposit will be returned to you upon successful completion of your booking as per our terms and conditions of hire.

What is the capacity?
The hall has a capacity of well over 100 people.

How big is the hall?
The hall is 34.7ft x 47.9ft with a very high ceiling.

Are tables and chairs provided?
Yes. There are 6 rectangular (length 4ft) and 16 rectangular with a 5ft length, all the rectangular ones are the fold-away type. Chairs come in various sizes, some smaller for children to sit and bigger ones for adults, easily enough for a children’s party with parents.

Is there outside space?
No. There is no outside space for hirers to use. The outside area to the left of the building is strictly for the use of Manor House Daycare.

Can I bring food and drink to the hall?
Yes. You can bring food and drink including alcohol to the hall. Please note that this must be provided to attendees free of charge, a paid bar is not allowed.

Are there kitchen facilities?
Yes. Hirers have use of the kitchen facilities. Sink, fridge, kettle and microwave. Please note there are no cooking facilities other than the microwave and we recommend you bring any chilled items already cold as the fridge will keep items cool but not chill them quickly. Crockery is not provided.

Are there toilet facilities?
Yes. Lochaber Hall has an accessible, single stall, gender neutral toilet with baby changing facilities.

Is there wifi?
No. Lochaber Hall does not have wifi at present.

Is there a music/sound system
No. Lochaber Hall does not have a music system, but you are welcome to bring your own devices. There are plenty of sockets to plug things into. We do ask that music is kept to a reasonable level as the hall is surrounded by residential properties.

The Bouncy Castle
How big is the bouncy castle?
The castle is 15’x15’ and 10 feet high, it is suitable for adults and kids.

Do I have to use the bouncy castle?
No. The castle is optional but the price for hiring the hall remains the same.

I want to hire different inflatables. Is this possible?
Yes. We recommend you contact Epic Inflatables directly for this.

Is there onsite parking?
No. Lochaber Hall does not have an onsite carpark.

What are the onstreet parking restrictions?
The bays outside the hall are free to park in on weekends. Please check signage before parking as the hall is not responsible for any tickets you may receive whilst using the hall.