Kumon Maths

Wednesday 16:00 – 18:30

The @KumonUK Blackheath Study Centre has been open since 2002 and caters for students of all ages, from pre-schoolers to teenagers. Students are from local and neighbouring areas, from both state and independent schools.

The unique Kumon maths and English programmes pursue the potential of each child by developing confident, independent learners through individualised advanced study.

Newly enrolled students are closely monitored to ensure they acquire the necessary proficiency and self-assurance to become confident, independent learners. From the moment the student sits down in class we focus on concentration, stamina, working at a good pace and rhythm, following instructions carefully and even posture; these are all aspects of learning that help children reach their full potential.

We have had many students go on to do well in their 11 plus and entrance exams for schools in Bexley, Bromley, Orpington, Wallington and Dartford, having developed the complementary study skills needed to achieve success.

In addition to studying an appropriate amount of work at home on a daily basis, your child will attend the centre up to twice a week. Classes are based on a slot system and each student is offered a half-hour slot per subject.

All staff at the centre are fully trained and experienced in supporting children.

Maths tutoring and extra English lessons in Blackheath – Kumon UK

Call Rizwanah Arain on: 0208 432 4073