Little Kickers

@LittleKickers is a great way to introduce your child to football. Children are taught the basics of football (passing, dribbling, goal scoring etc) in a play-orientated but structured format. We use child friendly yet realistic football equipment. Every child is given the opportunity to work to their ability level but classes are taught in a group environment, which gives the children a chance to build their social and independence skills.

We currently have classes on a Monday and Tuesday, each class is 45 minutes. 6 weeks is £48.00 and 12 weeks is £94.50 (you receive a 13th week for free when you book on the 12). There is also a one off enrolment fee of £20.00 that includes the kit that we supply (t-shirt and shorts) and this is delivered to the venue for their second class.
Contact: / 07850 351117