Party hire terms and conditions

If you wish to cancel the booking then you should notify us no later than 4 weeks before the booking date. If you do so then your payment will be refunded. If you cancel after that time then payment will not be refundable.

The hall will be opened just before your start time of 1pm unless you have asked for a later start and we ask that you will have cleared up by 6pm to allow the hall to be locked on time. Failure to exit the hall by 6pm will cause you to lose your hire deposit. Any problems on the day, contact the caretaker on 07526 236186.

We request that you leave the hall as you found it, clean and tidy, with chairs and tables stacked neatly. There are brooms and a dustpan and brush in the back corridor/kitchen area for you to sweep up. Please bring cleaning materials to wipe down any tables and surfaces used. Also, check that the toilets have been left clean and tidy. Please take your rubbish away with you when you leave. Filling our bin with rubbish will result in your deposit being held.

You are responsible for all the children and adults attending your party (inside the hall and in the grounds), so you need to make sure that you have adequate helpers for looking after the children. Children must not be left unattended when in the hall and the grounds are not to be used as part of the children’s party as the adjoining hall is used for classes Saturday afternoons. Bouncy Castles and other entertainment allowed, however music etc must be kept at a level that does not disturb neighbours. Please ensure that your guests enter and leave the hall quietly as the hall is in a residential area. Finally, no smoking or vaping is allowed in the hall or grounds.

Bouncy Castle use terms and conditions 

Safety is our number one priority and at all times we reserve the right to refuse erection should we deem it unsafe. We are trained in the safe use of inflatables, health and safety legislation and also risk management. Our decision is final.

Safety with Epic

It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure all possible steps are taken to ensure the safe use of the products we supply. All of our products are of commercial grade and are cared for as they are our business. It is also the responsibility of the hirer and any other responsible adult to ensure that the users of the equipment do so in a safe and sensible manner in order to avoid unnecessary injury. All of our inflatables have maximum user height limits and also maximum numbers. If you are unsure then please contact us on 07415897246. There is to be no climbing on the walls or otherwise on areas of this inflatable that are clearly not bouncing or sliding areas, doing so can be extremely dangerous.

There should always be a person over the age of 18 in attendance when an inflatable is in use, Make sure that the castle is never overcrowded, try and limit the numbers according to the age and size of people using it. Try to avoid small and large children using the castle at the same time as this may result in injury.

At no point are food and drink allowed on the equipment, shoes should always be removed by all users and any loose items such as glasses and jewellery should be removed prior to use, this will avoid any unnecessary damage to our equipment but also any injury to the person or others.

At no point are PARTY POPPERS or SILLY STRING allowed on our castles, these cause permanent stains and will be subject to a repair charge to replace the damaged section.

We allow face paints from our own face painter’s as we know the products that they use are washable and do not stain our castles. If you wish to know the products then please contact us on 07415897246.

No smoking or cooking equipment on or near the castle. Prevent horseplay. Please ensure that children are not pushing, fighting, colliding and fighting. Also please ensure that there is no behaviour that may cause alarm or distress to others.

Somersaults are strictly forbidden as they are extremely dangerous and cause serious injury on this type of equipment.

The front safety step is not to for bouncing on, it is merely there to aid entry and exit to the castle.

If at any point of the day the castle is not in use then please turn the blower off. The castle will deflate. Once turned back on the castle will re-inflate and be ready for use in a matter of seconds.

Do not allow any one on the castle during inflation or deflation as this can be dangerous.

Please do not allow pets, toys or sharp implements anywhere near the castle.

Please make sure that pockets are emptied prior to use as keys and such items can cause a nasty injury or damage to the castle.

Please allow at least 1 meter at the rear of the castle for the blower and allow a gap around the castle to be clear.

The bouncy Castle should not be used if the bouncing bed becomes wet as it becomes slippery and dangerous. If there is no rain cover fitted and it begins to rain the castle should not be used and the tarpaulin should be placed over the deflated castle to ensure that when the rain stops the castle is dry and ready for use. If the bed of the castle does become wet and there are bubbles on the seams then this can easily be dried with a towel. The castle should not be used until completely dry.

In the unlikely event of the blower failing and the castle deflating please ensure that everyone is off the castle. Check the inflation funnel has not come loose. Also check the fuse on the blower. If the blower has over heated then switch it off at the mains for around 5 minutes and try again. If none of this works then contact us immediately.

If using the petrol blower or generator you will be shown on delivery how this works. You will be left with extra petrol to ensure continuous use. Please do not keep this near the blower or in the reach of children.

Please do not allow children to operate or near the blower.

Any injuries sustained whilst using our equipment must be reported to the driver on collection, where an accident form will be completed. Accident forms will not be completed after the driver has collected the equipment and left the premises.

In summary –

Epic Inflatables and soft play hire reserve the right to charge for any damage sustained whilst on hire and the hirer is liable to pay. We also reserve the right to charge for a cleaning fee should the castle be collected dirty. All of our equipment is cleaned prior to hire and also on delivery to ensure the standard that you deserve.

We will not be held responsible for any injury sustained on any of our products and if there are any injuries this should be reported to us immediately on 07415897246.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking should we deem it unsafe to supply to the designated location, If there has been any information withheld from the booking such as access issues or suitable/safe ground and also if we feel that there would be a health and safety issue arise from the hire.

Our terms and conditions are not only to protect us as a company and our products but also you as a customer, your children’s safety and also your property. We have not encountered any issues thus far due to our great customer service and organisation along with health and safety awareness and we don’t want to start now!